Virginia's Happy Pigs. 1/4 Brewers-grain fed Tamworth Pork

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For the past few years, Tamworth pigs have lived happily in the farm woods, here in Prestwood.

This is your chance to pre-purchase a quarter pig, prepared and packaged by the butcher in October 2019. In the meantime, come and see the pigs, meet Virginia the farmer and hear about how she makes sure her Tam's have a happy life, roaming & foraging in the farm woods just like in their natural environment and lounging like the pig in the picture.

These little piggies also enjoy regular brewers grains from your favourite Malt Ales. Included in the price are 2 opportunities to take a guided walk to the woods, see the pigs and feed them some brewers grains. The first evening visit will be in June and the later visit in September to see how they've grown.

T&C's apply. We are acting as an intermediary between you and Virginia, the farmer. The contract is between you and the farmer and you must collect your pork from the farm in person once available within 2 days. No shipping option is available.